Miami Luxury Mansions

Miami Luxury mansions have top notch quality which is perfect for those people who are on a high social class basing on the prices that these homes go for. The houses provide the highest form of luxury that an individual may desire for proper relaxation. When in Miami, the options on real estate which are highly preferred by most people are the water front homes. Miami is identified all over as a type of tropical paradise that offers ultimate relaxation. The Miami Condo Market is focused in building more elegant and luxury homes which are targeting the top notch class who would spend tones of money to get a taste of raw nature and enjoy the serenity and the ambience of these well perfected homes. It is well correct to name Miami as the hot spot for luxury homes. Miami is very robust in building these luxury homes, looking at the vast place form the South to the north beaches, there are very many luxury homes and condos which makes it a hotspot for the same. Miami can be termed as a housing Bust market for luxurious Homes and Condos as well.

The mansions that are found on Miami Beach and Pine Tree Drive Homes for sale are the most ideal options in real estate for those individuals who have very high net worth and are looking out for an opulent lifestyle which can only be gotten from Miami city, which is located on the south of Florida. By doing Miami property search one can locate the mansions that he/she is looking for.

Miami Beach offers very extensive options for the community and also for any other person from all over the world, who is interested i9n buying property such as luxury mansions. Those people who are interested get to filter all their options by considering the top three areas along Miami Beach where it is outstanding to own a luxury mansion. This article is going to cover some of these areas.

Bay Road

Bay road which is just parallel to Alton road is the most exclusive location in Miami City for one to get a perfect luxury mansion. Getting a mansion in this location, one will be able to view the breathtaking Biscayne Bay from the comfort of their homes. This is a perfect spot for buyers who want mansions that face the waterfront. One should however be keen so as not to confuse the Bay road with the North Bay road which is also a high end neighborhood that mainly comprise of famous people and celebrities. It is therefore also full of luxury mansions but most of them have already been purchased. A mansion that has seven bedrooms for example, located on Bay road will cost as much money as $40 Million.

The Indian-Creek Island Road

This area in Miami has maintained the status of being the most expensive place to buy a family mansion. The Indian Creek Drive can be located as the road which runs along the Dade Boulevard. It forms a boundary which separates the south beach from the rest of Miami city. A luxury mansion in Indian-Creek Drive costs at least a whooping $47 million. However, one may be able to find a mansion still adjacent to the community at 445 Million. This price will be for a luxury mansion that has seven bedrooms.

Ocean Drive

The famous Ocean drive begins from South Pointe up to the 15th Street. This is the popular place where the cream of the rich and famous people own luxury mansions in the city of Miami. It is the most luxurious place in the waterfront of Miami. The location of this place is very strategic as one having a mansion on this stretch will be able to have n awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean and its horizon from the comfort of their homes. Tracing back to history, it can be noted that this stretch of the ocean front has been occupied by prominent people even from the past. When it comes to pricing, the value of the mansions that are on the ocean drive can gather upto $100 million for a seven bedroom mansion. This is due to the unlimited luxury that is gained from owning a house directly by the ocean front. It offers the ultimate luxury and undeniably beautiful view from the home.